Example of a supplementary agreement between the contractor and the customer

Below is an introductory sample of contract. All amendments to the contract are made by mutual consent.

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 dated October 1, 2022.

On providing services for developing the website on the Tilda service.

_____________ _______________________________________________«__» _________202__

Limited Liability Company ____________________ represented by the General Director ___________________________ , acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", on the one hand, and
Individual entrepreneur ______________, _____, born in 1991, passport ____________,and /n ________________ from ___________, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", on the other hand,
jointly referred to as the "Parties", have concluded this ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT №______ from "__" _________20__ to the PUBLIC OFFER AGREEMENT from "01" October 2022. On providing services for developing a website on the Tilda service:


1.1 The Contractor shall perform work on the development of the site on the Tilda service, and the Customer shall accept and pay for it.


2.1.The Contractor shall perform the work based on the Contract Assignment, which contains the requirements for the site (Appendix 1).
2.2.Before the beginning of the work, the Customer provides the information and materials necessary for the work.
2.3.The Contractor performs the work in the Tilda service in his account.
2.4 The Contractor has the right to request from the Customer, at any time, the information and materials required to perform the work. The Customer undertakes to provide them within 2 (two) calendar days from the date of the Contractor's request.
2.5.The Executor has the right to use materials posted by third parties on open license terms for work execution.
2.6.The Customer monitors the current performance of work (including questions) and checks the results by e-mail /telegram/watsap______________


3.1.The Contractor shall perform the work within _________ (_____________) calendar days from the date of the Customer's advance payment.
3.2.The term of work performance is automatically increased by the time the Customer is late in fulfilling his obligations under the Contract (including the provision of information and materials, answers to the Contractor's questions, acceptance of work, the next part of payment, etc.).
3.3.The Contractor has the right to perform the work ahead of schedule.


4.1 The cost of works under the Contract is ___________ (___________________) dollars.
4.2 The cost of the Contractor's work does not include the cost of the selected tariff in the Tilda service.
4.3.The Customer shall pay the cost of work in three stages:
4.3.1.Within two (2) calendar days from the date of signing the Contract, the Customer shall make an advance payment of _______________(_________) USD;
4.3.2.Within 2 (two) calendar days from the date of approval in writing (on any messenger or by e-mail) of the first stage of work, namely the design of the home page, the Customer pays the second part in the amount of __________ (_______________) dollars.
4.3.3.Within 2 (two) calendar days prior to the transfer of the work result to the Customer's account, he pays the remaining amount of ________ (____________) dollars.
4.3.4 After the last payment and the transfer of the site to the Customer's account the Contractor undertakes to complete the technical part of the work (domain connection/setting of the metrics counter/required widgets, etc.).
4.4 All payments under the Agreement shall be made in U.S. dollars at the rate of the National Bank of Georgia at the time of signing the Agreement.
4.7 Payment shall be made by transfer of funds through the Unistream money transfer systems in U.S. dollars to the Contractor's name/name/phone number indicated in Latin letters.
4.8 The payment obligations shall be considered fulfilled from the moment of money transfer by the Unistream money transfer system to the specified data of the Contractor, providing the transfer number to the Contractor from the Customer.
4.9. The Executor has a right to place its advertising link on the Client's website. In case the Client does not agree to place an advertising link by the Executor, the cost of providing services increases by 20%. 


5.1.The Customer shall before the end of the deadline:
5.1.1.create an account in the Tilda service (https://tilda.cc/ru);
5.1.2.Pay for the created account based on the selected tariff in the Tilda service;
5.1.3.provide the Contractor with information about the created account (including the account username and password).
5.2.Upon completion of the work, the Contractor shall demonstrate the result to the Customer. After that, the Customer determines the need for improvement.
5.3.Refinement means bringing the result of the work in accordance with the requirements specified in the Assignment, based on the Customer's comments.
5.4.Within one revision, all the comments must be contained in a single document/message and not exceed the limits of the Assignment.
5.5.The Customer has the right to initiate no more than 2 (two) revisions within one Task.
5.6.Procedure for rework:
5.6.1.Within 3 (three) working days from the demonstration of the work result, the Customer shall send the Contractor comments to it and materials necessary to make changes.
5.6.2.Within 5 (five) working days from the receipt of comments and materials, the Contractor corrects the result of the work and demonstrates it to the Customer again.
5.7.The Contractor shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations under the Agreement after transferring the result of the work from its account to the Customer's account, subject to any of the following events occurring
5.7.1.the Customer has no objections to the result of the work;
5.7.2.the Contractor has eliminated all of the Customer's remarks on two (2) revisions within one Task.
5.8.The Contractor transfers the result of the work from his account to the Customer's account by clicking "transfer to another user". The Customer shall confirm the acceptance of the result of the work by clicking "accept" button.


6.1.If the Contractor will create the results of intellectual activity (hereinafter referred to as RIA), the Contractor shall transfer to the Customer the exclusive right to RIA. 6.2.Remuneration for the assignment of the exclusive right to intellectual property is included in the cost of work under the Contract.
6.3.The Customer guarantees that he will use the result of the work subject to the terms and conditions of the Tilda User Agreement, available at https://tilda.cc/ru/terms/.
6.4.The Customer grants the Contractor the right to use the results of the work in the portfolio, information materials of the Contractor.


7.1.In case of untimely performance of obligations under the Contract by one of the Parties, the other Party shall be entitled to demand payment of a penalty at the rate of 0.1% (zero point one percent) of the cost of works for each day of delay, but not more than 10% (ten percent).
7.2.The Parties guarantee to respect the rights of third parties in the performance of obligations under the Contract. Each Party shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information and materials used in the performance of obligations under the Contract.


8.1 All disputes arising between the Parties in connection with the performance of the Contract shall be resolved through negotiations.
8.2 The claim procedure for resolving disputes is mandatory. The deadline to respond to the claim is 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim.
8.3.If it is impossible to reach an agreement through negotiations or in the claim procedure, disputes shall be resolved in court at the location of the defendant.


9.1.The Contract shall come into force from the date of its signing by the Parties and shall remain in force until the Parties perform their obligations.
9.2.A scan of the signed contract is equal to the original signature.
9.3.The Contract may be terminated prematurely:
9.3.1.by agreement of the Parties at any time;
9.3.2. at the initiative of either Party with written notice to the other Party at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the proposed date of termination.
9.4.In case of termination of the Contract, the Contractor shall be obliged to hand over to the Customer under the Certificate of Acceptance (hereinafter referred to as the Certificate) all the results of work created but not accepted by the moment of termination.
9.4.1.If the cost of the work actually performed exceeds the amount of the advance payment received by the Contractor, the Customer shall pay the Contractor the difference within 3 (three) working days from the date of signing of the Act.
9.4.2.If the value of the actually performed works is less than the amount of the prepayment received by the Contractor, the Contractor shall return the overpaid amount to the Customer within 3 (three) working days from the date of signing of the Act.


10.1.The Agreement, annexes and other documents may be signed by the Parties by exchanging scanned copies by e-mail. Such documents are considered to be signed with a simple electronic signature and are equal to the documents on paper.
10.2.The original documents shall be sent by registered mail, courier or delivered in person upon the respective request of the Party.
10.3.The Parties acknowledge proper coordination of all current working issues in connection with performance of the Agreement, including sending of letters, requests, results, clarifications, reports and other messages by e-mail/telegram/watsapps_______________________
10.4.For the exchange of documents and messages via e-mail/telegram/ wats ap_____________________________
addresses/logins/telephones______________ of the Parties as agreed in the Agreement shall be used.


11.1.The Parties undertake to notify each other of any changes in their details within 3 (three) days of such change. Otherwise, the communications sent to the address specified in the Agreement shall be deemed to have been duly transmitted.
The terms and conditions of the Agreement, annexes, additional agreements, all information received during the performance of the Agreement by the Parties shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed or transferred to third parties, both during the validity of the Agreement and after its completion.
11.2 Any other agreements between the Parties concerning the Contract conditions, if they contradict the Contract, cease to be valid from the date of the Contract entry into force.
11.3.If the Contractor has handed over the finished project to the Customer and the Customer has not accepted it within 3 (three) days, the acceptance of the completed work shall be counted as completed.


Annex 1 to the ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT №. ________, 

dated "___" ________ 202__

________________ __________________________________________ «__» __________ 202__ 


  1. Multi-page online store of designer furniture in the loft style, consisting of separate pages such as:
  2. Home page, with a marketing component
  3. The "For business" page, with the marketing component
  4. Technical page "404"
  5. Privacy Policy" page
  6. Warranty" page
  7. Collaboration" pages
  8. Page "Our Works"/or substituting it with a reference part/block
  9. Individual Projects" pages
  10. Pages "Delivery and Payment"
  11. Contacts" pages
  12. Technically connected and filled with 20 items product catalog
  13. Separate pages with a separate menu for each page for each item

Optional connection:
  1. Online - chat
  2. Internal system Tilda CRM
  3. domain connection
  4. Setting https and redirecting http www
  5. Setup a favicon
  6. Configuring and connecting data reception services to forms
  7. Deploying HTML technical codes
  8. Installation of clear CNC
  9. Page badges
  10. Titles and page descriptions for search engines
  11. H1, H2, H3 headings for search engines
  12. Clickable phone numbers, mail, social networks
  13. Integrate third-party services
  14. Possible integration / change of CSS or JavaScript code (at the discretion of the Contractor)

Additions to the contract

The Contractor undertakes within 14 (fourteen) days after completion of his work on developing the site to accept from the Customer revisions to the site, in an amount not exceeding two (2) complexes, one list of all the changes in each complex.

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